Brother-Approved Coatings

Atlanta’s Three Brothers Painting tell us their workhorse coatings include SuperPaint®, ProClassic® and Duration® paints. When the budget allows, they also find the Emerald® product line to be an excellent choice.

Interior products

Interior product selection depends on sheen. If the customer wants a satin finish, they usually recommend SuperPaint® Interior Latex. If they prefer a flatter finish, they go with ProMar® 200 Zero VOC Interior Latex Eg-Shel.


ProClassic® Interior Enamel is their preferred paint for trim. Depending on the situation, they choose between ProClassic Waterborne, Alkyd or the hybrid Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd Enamel. For cabinets, they like the durability of oil-based ProClassic. No matter which of the three formulas they use, ProClassic paints provide excellent flow and leveling that reduces unsightly brush and roller marks and excellent hide that requires fewer coats.


For exteriors, their go-to coatings are SuperPaint® Exterior Acrylic Latex and Duration® Exterior Acrylic Latex.

Formulated with PermaLast™ Technology and infused with advanced acrylic co-polymers for long-lasting performance, Duration has a high film build and provides a thick, flexible layer which results in excellent hide and protection from peeling and blistering. Three Brothers Painting especially likes this product when they don’t want bold colors to fade.

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