Internships: A Talent Source for Hiring

Making great hires is essential for today’s painting contractor. A well-designed internship program can help you find the best talent and fuel productivity and growth, says Dave Scaturro of Alpine Painting and Sandblasting in Paterson, New Jersey.

Dave worked himself as an intern while he was in college, and he saw firsthand the value and new ideas they could offer. Now, he’s established an internship program to find the best new talent for his family’s painting business.

“What we do is reach out to the local universities and we acquire students who are looking to get real life experience in what they do in their fields,” he says.

Dave looks for student help with everything from project management and estimating to accounting and marketing.
“We bring students in typically their third or fourth year and we give them an opportunity to shine.”

Interns like this offer different perspectives than what they would typically get from the work force, he says.

“They really look at our company through a new lens.”

The best candidates turn into full-time employees.

This story was published in the Summer 2019 issue of Pintor Pro magazine. Get more tips on recruitment, retention and other best business practices in the Pintor Pro Digital Edition business stories archive.