Pro Tips: Get What You Need Fast with Online Ordering (video)

In this episode of the Pro on the Go video series, Aldo Corona of Corona Finishes in Dallas, Texas talks about how online paint product ordering helps his company.


NARRATOR: There’s a lot of new technology available to help make a busy paint pro more efficient. One of these is online product ordering from Sherwin-Williams. Aldo Corona of Corona Finishes in Dallas talks about how his company is using this time-saving technology.

ALDO CORONA, CORONA FINISHES (English translation): Yes, we do online orders. Our product needs can be complicated at times, and online ordering helps us to get exactly what we need in a fast and timely fashion.

I have access to the phone numbers and e-mails of each one of the stores where I do order materials. When we’re making the order, we have all our specifications ready as well as any notes about the product, the P.O., where the product is going, and what project it is for.

That ensures that in the future, Sherwin-Williams can find an order for me immediately. So… it’s very, very convenient to use online ordering. Definitely.

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