PRO+ductive Solutions for Your Company

Sherwin-Williams has launched PRO+ductive Solutions as part of its PRO+ program. These PRO+ductive Solutions are designed to help contractors save time, complete jobs quickly, and save money to generate more profit.

Free jobsite delivery service

Save wait time, drive time and mileage with the free and convenient jobsite delivery service offered by Sherwin-Williams. This service is now available in the PRO+ app. Change your device language to Spanish.

Data shows that contractors who used the free delivery service frequently in 2021 on average spent 10 more days painting instead of driving, based on customers with approximately three deliveries per week in a year, based on an eight-hour working day.

Time- and labor-saving tools and products

NOTE: Dry-to-recoat time is defined as the time it takes for a coating to dry prior to applying an additional coat of product. Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel dry to recoat time of 4 hours based upon actual testing conducted by or on behalf of The Sherwin-Williams Company. Select competitor dry to recoat times based on product information found in publicly available Product Data Sheets (PDSs) for similar Alkyd Urethane Enamel products with stated, average dry to recoat times between 4-16 hours (sheen dependent).

This story was published in the Spring 2023 issue of Pintor Pro magazine. ©2023 Randall Reilly.