Participants at a Sherwin-Williams Acá Entre Pros event

Acá Entre Pros: An Opportunity for Hispanic Paint Pros to Connect, Learn and Grow

Looking for ways to improve your painting business? Sherwin-Williams has a new program called Acá Entre Pros that is geared especially to Spanish-speaking paint pros.

Acá Entre Pros will include a series of opportunities for contractors across the country to connect and learn from each other and industrial professionals during live, in-person networking events.

“Whether it’s newer business owners or experienced veterans, on-going mentorship and networking opportunities within the trade are seen as an opportunity,” says Gabby Torres of Sherwin-Williams.

Torres is the Marketing Director of Pro Contractor Programs at Sherwin-Williams and works closely with Hispanic paint pros throughout the U.S.

“We have identified that, on average, contractor businesses are composed of 1.5 people, and these businesses typically have a lifespan of anywhere from one to three years,” she says. “After the third year, many business owners decide to close their business due to limited tools, resources and mentor support to help them grow their business.”

Acá Entre Pros is the latest initiative Sherwin-Williams has developed to help professional painting companies to connect, learn and grow.

“What we’re trying to do is bring Hispanic business leaders together, to help them maintain sustainable growth and foster that community involvement,” Torres says.

The company conducted program pilots last year in New York, Seattle, Kansas City and Omaha, Nebraska. They were so well-received that an Acá Entre Pros event will be held in every Sherwin-Williams district in the U.S. in 2024.

The events typically last about two hours and cover a wide range of relevant information to help both new and established contractors build their painting businesses.

“We share industry trends with our contractors,” Torres says. “We also share different tools and resources that we have available for them.”

The events are designed to get 20 to 25 Hispanic professional painting contractors together to allow them to connect and exchange ideas.

“We want to make sure that it’s an intimate setting, a place where contractors feel confident about sharing some of the challenges that they’re facing,” Torres says. “For example, if somebody is not familiar with estimating, we can have them partner with another contractor that can share best practices for estimating.” These networking events are designed to help bridge these gaps and share information and advice to help them grow and achieve sustainable success.

Once the networking event is over, Sherwin-Williams invites the participating pros to join their Facebook group “Aca Entre Pros” so they can all stay connected.

“But this is just the beginning,” Torres says. “We are going to continue expanding on this program.”

How to participate

Acá Entre Pros events are by invitation only. Any contractors who are interested in participating can speak with their Sherwin-Williams sales rep to learn more.

This article was published in the Spring 2024 issue of Pintor Pro. ©2024 Fusable. Story by Mike Starling, Pintor Pro Editorial Director. Photography courtesy Sherwin-Williams. Read more stories about building your painting business in the Pintor Pro magazine archive.