Pintura ideal para la habitación ideal

The Right Paint for the Right Room: Maximize Your Profits with a Room by Room Strategy

Before you begin any job, it’s always a good idea to sit down with your customer to really understand their project.

With homeowners, that means taking time to really understand how they’ll use the rooms you’ll be painting. With these insights, you can recommend a paint that fits both their style and their lifestyle.

By using the Sherwin-Williams room by room method, you will differentiate yourself from other painters and earn your homeowner’s trust. You’ll get more referrals too. Here’s how to get started:

Define the room by asking open-ended questions

Ask questions like: How do you use this room? What do you envision for this space?

In a living room, for example, find out if it’s a space for kids to play, or if it will be mostly for the adults in the house.

Confirm the customer’s needs and ask additional questions

If you’re painting a bedroom, for example, you need to know who will be using the room. Parents? Teenagers? Young children?

Will there be dogs or cats present? Are they concerned about pet odors?

Emphasize the customer’s needs when providing a solution

So, for that bedroom where the dog sleeps, for instance, you might want to recommend a paint like Harmony® Interior Acrylic Latex that reduces ambient odors.*

Or, for a kitchen that doubles as the central gathering place for a young and growing family, you might suggest that walls be painted with a product like Duration Home® Interior Acrylic Latex that repels stains and easily wipes clean with mild soap and water.

Bottom line

Using the right paint can make all the difference in your customer’s satisfaction with your work. So ask questions and really understand how each room will be used.

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