Jorge Arboleda

A Smart Career Choice

By Jorge Arboleda – Senior Editor, Pintor PRO

Sherwin-Williams field and store personnel are quite accustomed to handling paint questions, ranging from application matters to color selection.

But concerns from our customers recently have focused on their ability to hire and bring a qualified and capable workforce to the jobsite.

That’s why Sherwin-Williams has created a special program called Paint Your Path, which is specifically designed to inspire job seekers to consider the painting profession as a career choice and to develop the skills of beginning painters. The program includes skills training on-line and numerous other helpful resources available in Spanish and English.

“We envision these courses as helping to build a strong foundation for future painters,” says Jeff Winter, vice president of marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “This is just one way we will continue to work with our professional painting contractor customers to ensure they can grow their business profitably.”

See the story on Paint Your Path on this site for further details.

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