The Future of Color

The 2019 Colormix® Color Forecast tracks the latest trends to help you and your customers select the right color for any project.

The Sherwin-Williams Color Team travels the globe to track color’s shifting currents. For their 10th annual Colormix® Color Forecast, they’ve gathered 42 trend colors into a master palette, then arranged them into six unique color personalities.

Shapeshifter – Atmospheric wisps of color, grounded by deep, mysterious blues.

Blue Sky SW 0063 cielo azul
Elation SW 6827 (182-C1) euforia
Nugget SW 6697 (137-C4) pepita mineral
Extra White SW 7006 (257-C1) extra blanco
Endless Sea SW 9150 (223-C7) mar infinito
Celestial SW 6808 (179-C3) celestial
Dark Knight SW 6237 oscuro caballero

Raconteur – A rich, modern palette inspired by nomadic storytellers and luxury safaris.

Porcelain SW 0053 porcelana
Orchid SW 0071 orquídea
Black Bean SW 6006 (252-C2) frijol negro
Dhurrie Beige SW 7524 (250-C3) alfombra beige
Poised Taupe SW 6039 (232-C5) sereno taupe
Rustic Red SW 7593 (275-C6) rojo rústico
Chelsea Mauve SW 0002 malva Chelsea

Naturalist – Inspired by colors found in a garden, for a chic yet classic look.

Primavera SW 9031 (148-C3) primavera
Misty SW 6232 (222-C1) neblinoso
Dard Hunter Green SW 0041 cazador verde dárdico
Shiitake SW 9173 (248-C1) shiitake
Felted Wool SW 9171 (245-C4) lana afieltrada
Delightful SW 6289 (109-C2) delicia
Eros Pink SW 6860 (105-C5) eros rosa

Enthusiast – Bright, bold pops of vivid color for maximum impact.

Nebulous White SW 7063 (257-C5) blanco nebuloso
Cold Crest SW 6670 (132-C6) cresta gélida
Majestic Purple SW 6545 (187-C7) majestuoso púrpura
Positive Red SW 6871 (101-C7) rojo positivo
Porpoise SW 7047 (245-C6) marsopa
Argyle SW 6747 (153-C6) en rombos
Oceanside SW 6496 (172-C7) frente oceánico

Wanderer – A carefree collection of sun-washed warm neutrals.

Origami White SW 7636 (259-C3) origami blanco
Cavern Clay SW 7701 (290-C6) arcilla de caverna
Moth Wing SW 9174 (249-C4) ala de polilla
Baked Cookie SW 9098 (202-C5) galleta horneada
Dark Clove SW 9183 (277-C4) oscuro clavo de olor
Distance SW 6243 (224-C6) distancia
Caramelized SW 9186 (291-C4) acaramelado

Aficionado – A rich mix of cool and warm tones – tasteful and elegant.

Ancestral Gold SW 6407 (144-C1) oro ancestral
Alaea SW 7579 (276-C1) alaea
Dry Dock SW 7502 (250-C6) muelle seco
Wheat Penny SW 7705 (287-C6) penique de trigo
Charcoal Blue SW 2739 (253-C4) azul carbón
Merlot SW 2704 (276-C7) merlot
Grandiose SW 6404 (143-C6) grandioso

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