Ronald Karpiuk

This I’ve Learned: Ronald Karpiuk

Founded in Orlando in 1993 by Ronald Karpiuk, Land-Ron, Inc. has completed more than 250 hotel renovations and repaints and has annual sales of more than $30 million. Quality work, fast turnaround times and a strong focus on honesty, integrity and communication have been the keys to the firm’s growth. Karpiuk recently took time from his busy schedule to talk with us about the secrets of his success.

First of all, how did you get into the construction business and what factors made you decide to focus on the hospitality market?
I have always had an interest in construction and started out working on residential construction projects. I saw an opportunity and a niche in hotel renovation, which proved to be very successful. Land-Ron, Inc. has built a strong reputation as a quality hotel renovator ever since.

Your company does work all over the U.S. and Caribbean. What have you learned that has helped you handle the challenges of covering such a large geographic area?
The ability to plan projects in advance is key to effectively handling logistical and economic challenges. In the early stages we are planning and locating resources that are available in the locations we plan to work. Having accounts with nationwide suppliers, such as Sherwin-Williams, helps us to plan our schedule and budget ahead of time to ensure a successful renovation project.

What role has your paint supplier played in the success of your company?
Our clients expect the best quality products to be used on their renovation projects. Sherwin-Williams has helped us throughout the years by providing quality prep materials, paint, supplies and other finishes that meet our client’s strict specifications. Sherwin-Williams has many locations close to our renovation projects that help us to stay on schedule and maintain our budget.

What’s the best business advice you’ve received over the years, and what advice do you have for young painters just getting into the business?
Over the years I have learned that honesty, hard work and teamwork are three essential components for business success. To those just starting out in the business, I would highly recommend that you always strive to deliver what you promise and that you keep your employees and vendors involved and informed throughout the entire length of your projects.

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