How to Create a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Knowing how to separate your personal and professional lives will make you a stronger leader. Here’s why.

Balance in the 21st century

In business today, leaders and organizations need to be aware of how their employees balance work and personal demands.

Companies are constantly focusing on how to improve production, profits and performance, while at the same time maintaining a high level of morale. The challenge is in the search for personal and professional balance.

In the search for this delicate balance, a leader must first understand why personal and professional separation is key, and understand the consequences when personal and professional lives overlap.

Why separation is so important

With the technology that has revolutionized the business environment, many professionals no longer stop working when leaving the office. This makes many people feel that they spend the day working or on the phone, no matter where they are.

At the same time, many parents prioritize attending their children’s events and family gatherings using the same technology in the same hours as the “regular work schedule.”

Therefore, many people do two things at once, and do no good at all. When personal and professional lives are superimposed, both are damaged.

How to be present

When you’re at work you need to be at work. No matter your family dynamics or problems – you must learn to leave them at home. Don’t let personal problems affect your performance.

When you’re home with your family, you need to be present. Leave your phone and work clothes at the door. Like your company, your family deserves your very best.

Five tips to be present:

  1. Never walk in the house talking on the phone.
  2. Change your clothes from work clothes to home clothes immediately upon arriving home so you feel the part.
  3. Make eye contact with those who speak to you, whether it’s your partner, your boss or your three-year-old child.
  4. Share the expectations with your company team and your family.
  5. Be aware of your personal state of mind and change it if necessary.

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