Recruitment: 3 Ways to Improve Your Search For Good Candidates

Finding good people for your painting company can be a challenge. It may be tempting to rely on your friends and family. While networking is a great strategy, it’s time to broaden the search. Since the majority of job seekers use online resources in their search, here are a few ways to reach them.

1. Job boards

Start with indeed.com. It’s one of the largest job board sites in the world, with 2 million monthly users. Employers can post job openings for free. You can also sponsor job ads to increase exposure.

Also try: CareerBuilder.com and SimplyHired.com.

2. Social media

Strategic use of social media can help you reach great candidates who are outside of your personal network. Use your social channels to post job openings and encourage your crew to share your postings on their social channels.

Best for painters: Facebook and Twitter.

3. Spot potential – think out of the box

As you go about your day and your path crosses with someone just starting out in the workforce in any capacity (restaurant, retail store, etc.) and they impress you with their positive attitude and work ethic, ask them to think about becoming a painter!

Let them know why it’s a great career choice and send them to americaneedspainters.com to find out more. You could even consider hiring them to work for you as an apprentice and help them learn and grow.

Paint Your Path is a comprehensive new program to encourage people to choose a career in painting. Learn more at americaneedspainters.com (English) or swlatino.com (Spanish).