They’re Here! Next Generation Application Tools for the Pro Painter

Pros know that using the best equipment is crucial to turning jobs quickly and delivering a beautiful, long-lasting finish. Here are three new application products that will make your jobs easier in 2019.

Graco® Contractor PC™ Airless Spray Gun

The new Contractor PC Airless Spray Gun is Graco’s longest lasting, most durable contractor-grade paint sprayer gun ever built. With the lightest weight of its class, the Contractor PC provides a new level of comfort and control to improve productivity while reducing fatigue.

With on-the-fly E-Z Fit™ adjustable trigger, the industry’s lightest trigger pull and hold force, and an ergonomically-designed handle, the new Contractor PC is engineered to deliver all-day comfort, control and performance so painters can deliver the best finish on spraying jobs.

“We talked to professional painting contractors and they asked for new gun features to keep up with their demanding jobs. I’m confident the new Contractor PC gun will exceed their expectations,” says Sara McKeon, Global Product Marketing Manager at Graco.

“The Contractor PC gun is not just the lightest weight and easiest trigger-pull gun in the industry, but it’s also customizable to any trigger length preference – while introducing a new three-finger trigger option. Painters will also reduce downtime with the ability to quickly replace the needle and all wear parts with our exclusive, one-part ProConnect™ Replacement Cartridge – it’s like they’re getting a brand-new gun without having to leave the job site.”

Titan® Impact 410 Electric Airless Sprayer

Specifically designed for small- to medium-sized professional paint contractors, property maintenance managers and general contractors, the Impact 410 is a durable, compact and portable contractor-grade sprayer.

The Impact 410 is recommended for single gun applications with a maximum tip size of .021-inch. It is capable of handling weekly workloads of 50 to 100 gallons and will spray all standard architectural coatings – stains, lacquers, enamels, oil and latex house paints and primers.

The Impact 410 offers superior features, significant value and return on investment. Featuring the proven Quad+ packings from the Impact 440, the Impact 410 delivers reliable performance in a rugged design that’s built to last. Titan’s Intelligent Control SystemTM provides power on-demand, optimized cooling and extended motor life. For added stability, the Impact 410 is equipped with rugged one-inch diameter skid legs, and the sprayer is backed by the industry’s best warranty.

“Built on the success of the Titan Impact 440, the Impact 410 features the legendary Titan Quad+ packings and modular T-slot fluid section, making it field-serviceable in a matter of minutes,” says Chris Noto, product director for Titan. “It is a lightweight, affordable professional sprayer that will provide customers years of reliable performance.”

Purdy® Chinex® Elite™ brushes

Purdy’s new line of Chinex Elite brushes (available in the U.S. only) help professional painters work more efficiently and be more productive.

All of Purdy’s Chinex Elite brushes feature DuPont® Chinex filaments, pre-flagged for better coverage and fast application. They’re ideal for heavy bodied, low VOC paints.

“Professional painters today are looking for high-quality brushes that will stand up job after job,” says Bill
Pavilonis, marketing director, Purdy Brushes & Applicators. “Purdy’s Chinex Elite brushes are specially designed to provide easy paint pickup and release, even on the roughest surfaces, saving time and effort for the painter. The easy-to-clean Chinex filaments will make the Chinex Elite the brush pros will reach for project after project.”

Like all Purdy brushes, the Chinex Elite are hand-crafted by experienced brushmakers at Purdy’s manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon. Brushmakers “sign” each brush with a sticker bearing their names, ensuring that every Purdy Chinex Elite brush meets the highest standards for quality.

The Chinex Elite Glide is available in 2-inch, 2.5-inch and 3-inch models, featuring a fluted handle and angular trim, a flat 2.5- inch fluted Bow model, a flat trim 3-inch Sprig model, and 3-inch Swan wall model, which each feature a beavertail handle. All models feature a stainless-steel ferrule.

Purdy, Graco and Titan products are available at your neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store. See a complete list of equipment and supplies for the pro painter at the Sherwin-Williams contractor website.