Keep Your Business Moving With a Focus on Exteriors

Exterior painting season is here. Now is a great time to promote services that can be completed outside the home for a fresh look and increased curb appeal.

It’s important to send the right message, especially in these uncertain times. Some quick, thoughtful communication with your customer can help you stand out from the competition. To create your own promotional content, use the template resources you’ll find in this document, including:

  • Best Practices
  • Letter or Email Template
  • Social Media Templates

Best Practices

Striking a balance between promoting your services and inspiring trust in your COVID-19 response may seem like a challenge. These guidelines help break it down. Whether you’re scheduling social media posts or reaching out with a hand-signed letter, these are the key points to cover:

  • You’re ready and eager to schedule service.
    Many people may be unaware of what services are available, so let them know you’re still painting! Make sure customers feel encouraged and welcomed to schedule jobs.
  • You’re committed to the health and safety of customers and employees.
    You and your team have worked hard to develop protocols that let you continue to provide services while staying safe. Be sure to share these details with your customers. For example, share your plans for sanitizing tools and surfaces, wearing PPE, and keeping appropriate social distance.
  • You’re part of the community.
    Many people are looking for ways to support local businesses. Send the message that they are not only getting great service, they are helping the community continue to thrive.
  • You’re up to the challenge.
    From remote estimates to digital color tools, many businesses have had to adopt creative solutions to continue serving their customers. Show how your business is rising to the challenge and talk about the innovative ways you’re staying safe while keeping business moving.

Template For Letter Or Email

A letter or email is a great way to promote awareness of your business in a more personal way. You can use parts or all of this template and customize it to fit your business and your market.

      Hello friend [or customer name],
      At [company name], we’d love to help you check another project off your home improvement list, and spring is the perfect time to update your exterior!

      Enhance the Value and Curb Appeal of Your Home
      We’ve helped countless homeowners in your community give their house a fresh new look. Our experienced, professional team will work safely and efficiently to transform your vision into a reality, boosting your home’s curb appeal in the process.

      Our exterior painting services include:

      • House painting
      • Garage painting
      • Deck staining and finishing
      • Wood siding staining and finishing
      • Concrete staining – including patios and pool decks
      • Power washing
      • And more!

      Schedule a FREE in-person or remote estimate today at [company website]!

      See How We’ve Served the Community
      As a local business and member of the community for [number of years] years, we’re proud to have had the opportunity to help make it beautiful. Here are some of the most recent exterior projects we’ve completed.

      [Include images. If email, images should link to your website.]

      The Safety of Our Customers and Employees Is Our Top Priority
      In response to the public health situation related to COVID-19, we regularly monitor updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medical professionals, and legislators. Here are some of the steps we are taking to ensure health and safety are always at the forefront of how we serve you.

      • Employing enhanced cleaning protocols before and during every job.
      • Providing personal protective equipment (PPE) and training for every employee.
      • Monitoring our team’s health and staying home when sick.
      • Practicing social distancing and limiting unnecessary contact.

      Learn more about our health and safety practices at [company website].

      Technology Helps Us Provide Safer Service
      Everyone’s situation is unique, so we offer several service options to limit contact whenever possible. These include:

      • Remote estimates – Walk us through your project on a video call and we’ll provide an estimate. Or, send us images of the space you want painted, along with dimensions, and we can send you back a quote.
      • No-contact service – We’ll plan to provide our service in a way that limits or eliminates personal contact including communicating by phone or text while on-site.
      • Touch-free payments – We’ll accept payment by mail or over the phone.

      Need Help Picking Colors?
      Visit for state-of-the-art virtual color tools. Download the free ColorSnap® app to explore, experience and select color with confidence or go to to get up to ten 2″ x 3″ ColorSnap® color chips delivered FREE.

      When you’re ready to refresh your exterior, we’re ready to get painting.

      We hope to hear from you soon.


      Schedule a FREE in-person or remote estimate today at [company website]!

    Tip: Keep it positive. Make customers feel more comfortable scheduling service by using a helpful, hopeful tone.

    Template For Social Media Posts

    It’s more important than ever to schedule regular updates on social media. Use these templates to connect with your customers on Twitter or Facebook.

    • Post 1: We’re Open
      Spring is the perfect time to update your exterior! Whether you’re staining your deck, painting your garage or giving your home a whole new look, we’ll help you check another item off your home improvement list.
      Schedule a FREE in-person or remote estimate today!

      [Exterior image]

    • Post 2: We’re Staying Safe
      We’re committed to keeping you safe with no-contact options including:

      ◦ Remote estimates
      ◦ No-contact service
      ◦ Touch-free payments

    • Schedule a FREE remote estimate today!

      [Image of exterior work]

    Tip: When choosing an image, be mindful of current social-distancing sensitivities. A group shot or image showing physical contact could undermine your safety message.

    • Post 3: We’re Part of the Community
      As members of the community for [number of years] years, we’re proud to help keep [community name] beautiful. Check out how we helped these homeowners improve their curb appeal.

      [Work sample images]

    • Post 4: We’re Inspiring
      Thinking about an exterior project but need help finding the right color? Download the free ColorSnap® app at When you are ready to make your vision a reality, give our crew a call.
    • Post 5: We’re Creative
      Make your delivery driver do a double take with a bold new color for your door. Ready to refresh your exterior? Schedule a FREE in-person or remote estimate today!

      [Image of a door you have painted]

    Tip: Always include images. No matter what platform you are using, an attention-grabbing image will help increase engagement.

    Example image is for reference only. Not for business use.