Feature Image for Pintor Pro, Fall 2020 story: “New Tools for Pro Painters: Painter's Tool Bag”

New Tools for Pro Painters: Painter’s Tool Bag

Want your crews to be more productive? Your local Sherwin-Williams store has the latest advances in paint application, surface prep and cleanup tools. This article features details on the new Sherwin-Williams® Painter’s Tool Bag.

Want to make long trips to the jobsite easier? The ultra-durable, water-resistant Sherwin-Williams Painter’s Tool Bag is designed as a mobile organizational storage solution for paint pros, with numerous spacious storage compartments to keep a wide assortment of tools conveniently organized and protected in one location.

The unique wedge-shaped design makes the Painter’s Tool Bag comfortable to carry with convenient, easy access. There are designated straps and pockets for extra-large tools, such as extension poles, caulk guns, and paint pails. In addition, its open-storage compartments allow for storing tools beyond pockets and straps. There is also a protective holder for business cards, and rubber feet for elevation from surfaces.

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This article was published in the Fall 2020 issue of Pintor Pro magazine. Visit the Sherwin-Williams online paint equipment catalog to find the best tools for your jobs.