New Paint Store Model Puts the Focus on Hispanic Contractors

Sherwin-Williams has launched a new paint store concept catering to the Hispanic community.

“Hispanic paint pros are important to our business and will be a critical contributor to the industry in the future,” says Belinda Zamora, Marketing Director of Pro Contractor Programs at Sherwin-Williams. “Based on feedback from our store team and customers, we understand that our high-touch Trademark Customer Service model may not serve this customer base appropriately when there are language barriers. Our goal with this store concept is to create a shopping environment where they feel welcomed, appreciated, and empowered to succeed.”

The first of this new store model opened last September in an area of Omaha, Nebraska with a large Hispanic population. Bilingual employees and Spanish signage are among the features, along with special promotions geared to the Hispanic community.

“The foundation for this store model is similar to all other locations to make store trips as efficient as possible to help paint contractors get back to their jobs as quickly as possible,” Zamora says. “This store, however, takes it a step further to ensure that we serve the local Hispanic community as efficiently as possible by eliminating communication barriers and inserting cultural relevant touches that will help to make them feel at home.”

The response has been very positive, says Jen Rich, the company’s Omaha District Manager. “Many are happy about the location of the store as well as the feeling of comfort they get when shopping in the store.”

Guillermo “Memo” Jiménez, whose company Memo’s Painting is profiled on page 10 of this issue, is one of those contractors.

“The store has a young staff and, from manager Daisy Bernal to the sales representatives Andrea, Michael and Luis, they are all very professional and bilingual in English and Spanish,” he says.

“Bilingual staff not only makes their store visits more efficient, but it helps them to understand products, the differences in our offerings, and to know what works best for the project they are working on,” Zamora says.

As part of its commitment to support Hispanic paint pros, Sherwin-Williams will continue to seek more opportunities to connect and serve them in meaningful ways, she adds.

“Our goal is to help our Hispanic customers to grow and to be successful. We want them to know that we see them, we understand them, and we want to make their shopping experience as efficient as possible so they can focus on what they do best.”