Use Paint Pro Training Videos to Teach Key Painting Skills

A Sherwin-Williams initiative designed to help grow the skill sets of new painters and address an overall painting industry labor shortage continues to be a major success, according to company officials and the contractors who benefit from it.

Since the launch of the Paint Pro Training videos portal in 2018, “literally tens of thousands” of tests measuring progress in the program have been taken, says Freddy Carrillo, Sherwin-Williams Vice President of Marketing.

The tests follow completion of the nine online video courses outlining various painting skills and help users track their progress through the courses.

“As we talked to contractors, we heard over and over that they were hiring for attitude and training for the skills that are needed to be an effective painter,” Carrillo says. “While the videos can’t take the place of on-the-job training, they will give new painters a running start on being a productive member of the team.”

Filling a gap

Contractors report that Paint Pro Training videos help fill a gap to such a degree that they have made the videos a key component in onboarding new hires.

“As we were developing Paint Pro Training, we talked to many contractors about what they could use and how they could use it,” Carrillo reports. “If a contractor is starting someone with very little experience, we envision that person’s very first day would be spent on a computer or tablet, completing the nine online courses. They would not pick up a brush until they successfully completed them.”

The program has worked exactly as intended, according to many contractors.

“There are many companies that have made Paint Pro Training part of their standard new employee onboarding process,”Carrillo says.

“By offering these courses, we not only hope to build a strong foundation for painters to be ready for their first job, but help our customers continue to provide premium painting services to their customers, and strengthen and grow their own businesses.”

This story was published in the Spring 2022 issue of Pintor Pro magazine. Read more articles on how to build your painting business in the Pintor Pro magazine archive.