Fall 2022 Editor’s Picks: Tools to Help Increase Your Productivity and Efficiency

As part of our ongoing mission to help painting professionals maximize their jobsite productivity, each issue of PPC features a roundup of some of our favorite application tools and essential job site equipment and supplies. Here are our Fall 2022 issue picks:

Contractor Series® applicators

Looking for professional-quality applicators? The Sherwin-Williams Contractor Series has everything you need to get the job done right. There are a variety of brush styles to meet every coatings need. Contractor Series rollers are available in a wide array of materials to match to your specific job requirements, from polyester, poly/wool and nylon/polyester to sheepskin, microfiber, mohair and extra dense soft woven. The Contractor Series KWIK-Release roller frame features an ergonomic grip with a threaded end for use with any standard extension pole, such as the Contractor Series Pin Lock Extension Pole. There’s also a Contractor Series 5 Piece Painting Kit including angle sash brush, soft woven roller cover, heavy duty roller frame, steel tray and plastic tray.

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Trimaco X-Board Lightweight Breathable Surface Protectors

A lightweight and reusable heavy-duty floor protection board that will last for the duration of the job and protects many types of flooring such as tile, wood, vinyl and more. This easy-to-use painter’s board lays flat when rolled out and the Spill Block technology ensures no paint, mud or water will get through to your surface.

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Zorr Corp 2-Edge Knife

The 2-Edge Knife combines palette knife and box cutter razor blade into one slick folding tool so that between drywall cutting, trimming caulking lines, scraping lead and paint rollers, your knives will always stay sharp. Features a quick finger-grab loop and replaceable blades and can clip on your belt loop for easy access even when working at heights.

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Trimaco X-Paper Heavy Duty Flooring Paper

Provides temporary floor protection against water spills, paint splatters, scratches and foot traffic. It’s thicker than regular builder’s paper and red rosin paper, yet breathable to allow floors to continue the curing process. This heavy-duty flooring paper provides superior protection for all types of floors and surfaces including hardwood flooring, stairs, cabinets and even counter tops. It is easy to work with and repels minor spills.

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ScotchBlue® 24 in. x 30 yd. Pre-Taped Painter’s Plastic with Edge-Lock and Dispenser

Get sharp paint lines and extra paint drip and splatter protection with this product that combines painter’s tape and plastic in one. Easy to apply and readjust, it is ideal for baseboards, trim, metal and glass surfaces. The film unfolds to 24 inches and covers a total of 180 square feet, with up to 14-day clean removal..

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