Terra: The 2023 Colormix® Color Forecast

Paint color trends are always changing and evolving. As a pro painter, the challenge is to stay current so you can best help your customers in the color selection process.

One excellent resource is the annual Sherwin-Williams Colormix® Color Forecast. Each year, the company’s Color Forecast Team of color professionals spend months researching color, design and pop culture trends to develop their latest paint color recommendations.

For 2023, the theme is Terra. Composed of 40 forward-looking colors across the four palettes, they’re also the basis of the six distinctive palettes of the 2023 Commercial Colormix Forecast for commercial, hospitality, new residential, healthcare, education and multi-family settings.


Drawing on the components of an ever-changing ecosystem, the Biome palette celebrates the similarities between an abundant Earth and a quest for balance. The delicateness of Threshold Taupe SW 7501 (250-C5) complements the down- to-earth tranquility of Urbane Bronze SW 7048 (245-C7), among other peaceful and sophisticated pairings.

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The Lore palette draws inspiration across cultures and centuries with an intricate mix of ancient reds, powdery pastels and rich jewel tones. While Studio Mauve SW 0062 whispers soft beauty, Blue Peacock SW 0064 prompts bold expression.

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The grounding browns and soft, soulful whites of the Nexus palette complement various warm tones like Reddened Earth SW 6053 (194-C5) and Likeable Sand SW 6058 (195-C2), highlighting serenity and restoration.

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The Origin palette demonstrates the power of layering fond memories with future hopes to feel vibrant and joyful in the present moment. Hues like Fabulous Grape SW 6293 (109-C6), Peppery SW 6615 (117-C6) and Goldfinch SW 6905 (131-C2) are magnetic, free-spirited and bold.

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This article was originally published in the Fall 2022 of Pintor Pro magazine. Get more color ideas for your painting business in the Pintor Pro magazine archive.