Pro Tips: Using Video to Market Your Painting Company

In this episode of our Pro on the Go video series, we asked Rodrigo Vasconcellos of Palette Pro Painting and Renovation in White Plains, New York about why he is using videos to market his company.


Rodrigo Vasconcellos: I think nowadays people enjoy a lot more watching a video then reading content on your website. So, I think it really clicks with our customers.

Narrator: That’s Rodrigo Vasconcellos of Palette Pro Painting and Renovation. YouTube videos – like this one of a wall striping project – have been a successful marketing tool for this company.

Rodrigo Vasconcellos: We kind of did a time-lapse, you know step-by-step. But we shortened it to about, you know, two minutes and put some music there to make it fun and I think the end product came out great. We have a lot more going on in the near future but the ones that we have on our website already – we’ve got a ton of comments. So it’s fun and at the same time it’s useful for our clients.

Rodrigo Vasconcellos was interviewed by Mike Starling, Pintor Pro editorial director. You can watch more videos for pro painters (in both English and Spanish) on the Sherwin-Williams YouTube channel.