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Fall 2018

  • Purdy Advertorial Fall 2018 The Purdy® XL® High Capacity Brush - Purdy® Professional Painting Tools – Purdy® was founded in 1925 on an uncompromising dedication to handcrafting premium paint brushes. Today, the same dedication to detail is evident in every handcrafted brush, quality roller cover and premium painting tool. Purdy’s newest offering is the XL® High Capacity – a high-coverage brush built for speed.
  • 3M Advertorial Fall 2018 3M - 3M – Prep with plastic — it’s better than 3M masking paper.* And when you use 3M™ Hand-Masker™ Masking Plastic with the 3M™ Hand-Masker™ M3000 Dispenser, you get high-quality results while saving time and money.
  • Titan Advertorial Fall 2018 Titan - Titan’s TR1 High Efficiency Airless (HEA) tip sprays at the same rate as standard airless tips at pressures as low as 1000PSI. HEA technology decreases overspray up to 55% and doubles tip life – all while decreasing wear on the pump.
  • Trimaco Advertorial Fall 2018 Trimaco - FloorShell® Heavy Duty Temporary Surface Protection from Trimaco provides breathable protection for most floor types, including curing floors. It features Spill Block™ leak resistant technology which protects against paint and stain. FloorShell will last for the duration of the job – no more reapplying builders or red rosin paper.
  • Jorge Arboleda A Smart Career Choice - By Jorge Arboleda – Senior Editor, Pintor PRO Sherwin-Williams field and store personnel are quite accustomed to handling paint questions, ranging from application matters to color selection.
  • Colores De Optimismo The Color of Optimism - Success Comes Quickly, but New Orleans Contractor J.R. Lobo Keeps his Feet on Solid Ground Though hopeful and full of color, the city of New Orleans has seen adversities like few others. José Ramón Lobo Jr., 38 years old, owner and manager of Southern Wolf Construction, LLC, remembers the reconstruction in the aftermath of Hurricane … Continue reading The Color of Optimism
  • Pinta Tu Camino: Liderando la creación de la fuerza laboral del futuro en la pintura Paint Your Path: Taking the Lead in Building Painting’s Future Workforce - Finding good employees is a challenge throughout the painting industry. As the industry leader, Sherwin-Williams is introducing a comprehensive new program to encourage people to choose a career in painting.
  • UNA NUEVA EXPERIENCIA DE TEÑIDO DE MADERA EN IN TERIORES A New Interior Stain Experience - Sherwin-Williams is making interior wood-staining projects fast and easy by introducing Minwax® Performance Series, an extension of the best-in-class Minwax products, along with a redesigned color palette and interior stain design center.
  • EL FUTURO DEL COLOR The Future of Color - The 2019 Colormix® Color Forecast tracks the latest trends to help you and your customers select the right color for any project.
  • ¡RESPIRE SIN PROBLEMAS! Breathe Easy! A Pro Painter’s Guide to Respirators - Job site safety. We know how important it is for you and your crews. So we sat down with the technical services team in 3M’s Construction & Home Improvement Markets Division to get their expert advice on the use of respirators on the job.
  • Ronald Karpiuk This I’ve Learned: Ronald Karpiuk - Founded in Orlando in 1993 by Ronald Karpiuk, Land-Ron, Inc. has completed more than 250 hotel renovations and repaints and has annual sales of more than $30 million. Quality work, fast turnaround times and a strong focus on honesty, integrity and communication have been the keys to the firm’s growth. Karpiuk recently took time from … Continue reading This I’ve Learned: Ronald Karpiuk
  • ¿CÓMO PUEDO EXTENDER MI TEMPORADA DE PINTURA EN EXTERIORES SIN ARRIESGAR LA CALIDAD DE MI TRABAJO? How Can I Extend My Exterior Painting Season Without Compromising on Quality? - Fall can be a tricky time to paint outside. In many parts of the country, you need to consider just how late into the season you can paint home exteriors with latex paint and still give your customers long-lasting results.
  • 3 formas para conseguir el trabajo sin sacrificar su precio 3 Ways to Get the Job Without Sacrificing on Price - By Terry Begue How do you land the job when you’re the highest bidder? This is the one question I’m asked more than any other. In order to justify paying a higher price for your service, your customers need to see that you and your company are better than the competition.
  • Pintando una joya en la Costa Esmeralda Painting a Gem on the Emerald Coast - Florida’s Emerald Coast is known for its beautiful white beaches and turquoise green water. Repainting the exterior of the Emerald Grande resort was a challenging but rewarding job for Restore Construction Group, Inc., a commercial contractor based in West Park, Florida.
  • Extreme Cover: Una solución para el bloqueo de manchas que le ahorrará tiempo Extreme Cover: A Time-Saving, Stain-Blocking Solution - Extreme Cover Stain Blocking Paint and Primer is a new all-in-one solution that features excellent blocking against common stains such as grease, grime, food and cigarette smoke.